Brandy set to release new album independently

Brandy told fans on Instagram Live this week that she will be releasing her new album independently.
She's recorded a new song, titled 'The Real,' though it's not yet known whether it will make the cut. The lyrical content, and vocal techniques used on this album is going to be a real eye-opener, even to her core fans. Brandy says even she herself is pretty shocked by it. She's no longer writing a book, because for now, she wants this project to tell her story. 

She's only 37, so I feel a book at this time in her life would be a bit premature. Maybe in say... 15 years? I'm a bit fearful about the independent route, because the industry is very ageist. Even though she is not old,  being a black  R&B female approaching 40 is going to be quite challenging without the significant support machine of a major label. Not to say it would be totally impossible for Brandy to regain back some success, but it won't be easy and that's the reality. Even if her commercial days of topping the Hot 100 are over, she can still win over Adult Contemporary audiences. I don't think Brandy should focus on charts too much, but just concentrate on putting out a dope album, and line herself up with a great team. She can still bag herself that Grammy!