Ciara signs new record deal

Ciara has announced she's signed a new record deal with Warner Bros. Congratulations!!!!
Ci departed Epic Records last year following the release of ‘Jackie,’ which performed very poorly on the charts. The signing is obviously great news for her. But I am absolutely stunned another label was willing to sign her after she's encountered so many flops. She hasn't had a hit album in over a decade and her relationships receive more press/publicity than her actual music. She will probably be locked into a contract where she's expected to record a certain amount of albums with the possibility of the label not recouping funds, or giving her a decent budget for promo and music videos. At least if she went independent, she would have seen a bigger financial gain no matter how much her music sells. She actually has enough money, and endorsements to go indie. 

On the other hand, she probably would not have went with Warner if they didn't promise her their full support. Regardless of her decision, I hope this works out for her. Ci's music has been more miss than hit over the years. Yet, she has the right to keep trying. I hope her new management team can do serious wonders, and she brings back REAL dancing this time. Giiiirl, no one wants to see you stand on stage trying to be prime time Whitney. We all know Ci can put out a bop when she's good and ready. Let's just hope she has some amazing producers lined up!