Mariah Carey's new single ‘I Don't’ (ft. YG) has its semi debut

Last night's episode of ‘Mariah’s World’ saw Mimi give fans an extended listen of her YG-assisted new single ‘I Don't.’ 
The break-up anthem addresses her failed engagement to James Packer, and samples Donell Jones 'Where I Wanna Be.' This song is clearly her 'Side Effects' part two, and sounds like a decent R&B song even if a little dated. The full song is due this coming Friday. MC sure has been doing a lot of acting in a series that's suppose to document her reality. But now she wants to have a story! As we all know, the moment they shouted "cut!" she went back for the ring. As a matter of fact, it went straight back on her finger again. And that's not the only soap opera style acting she's been giving either. 

Peep this scene with boyfriend Bryan Tanaka below:
Storylines are cool with me, but she won't be winning an Oscar anytime soon. 

Check out an extended clip of the song below: