My thoughts: Chrisette Michele & this Trump drama

Chrisette Michele has been receiving some major flack for performing at Donald Trump's Inauguration.
The black community have been dragging her ass up and down social media. However, she wrote a letter, and said she's absolutely fine with the stones being thrown her way. 

Apparently, she wanted to be the bridge that promotes having a conversation and being the voice of the voiceless. Even so, I'm almost positive Trump has never listened to a Chrisette Michele song in his life. I've blogged about Chrisette over the years back when Jay Z took her under his wing, and I've even supported her music. So of course I was a bit disappointed upon hearing this news. But I won't criticise her solely for doing it for the hustle. For all we know, she probably needed the coins. 

Questlove (from The Roots) also offered to pay her the same amount to NOT perform but she probably wanted that extra publicity. After all, this is as close as she'll ever get to major mainstream notoriety. Personally, I don't think a mere 250K would have been enough to make me alienate my core audience (Urban). One million dollars on the other hand? Then again, she's not Beyoncé and doesn't have that type of pull. Hell, she's not even a Ciara. The only issue I have is her reasoning. I would have had more respect for her if she just said that she needed the check, as opposed to writing these faux emotional ass letters talking about being the voice of shit and quoting Dr. Martin L King

Girl, bye!