Rihanna celebrates 'ANTi' anniversary #ANTiversary

Rihanna does a bit of heartfelt rihflecting, during the one year anniversary of her album 'ANTi'.
The anniversary would have been a great time to premiere the video for 'Love On The Brain,' but it's pretty safe to say we're not getting one at this point. The era itself was a mess. Despite the album leaking prematurely, and the controversy with Samsung, no one can say the music didn't carry itself. In terms of musical growth, 'ANTi' was definitely one of Rihanna's strongest body of work. Rihanna is up for 8 awards at the 2017 Grammys, including Record of the Year.

Happy ANTiversary!

Looking back to 1 year ago.... I released my most anticipated album to date #ANTi ....When I started making this album I never would have imagined how much of a challenge the process would be. I was evolving in the midst of making a body of art that was supposed to reflect who I was in that moment, yet it was the very answer I didn't have! I was numb for a while...numb to all the bullshit and numb to all the good shit. But I was determined not to settle for what everybody thought this should be, or when they thought it should come, or how! I stuck to it until I felt something again! And I remember like it was yesterday, the night it happened! We rented a house in Malibu for a couple months and did MUSIC! Every room, every couch, every corner, there were musicians everywhere, the whole Fenty Corp, the best times! 1 night we vibing, TyTy made a comment, and I got super sensitive, lolol! Then I thought "hold up, did I just feel a way?? Did I just FEEL???!!" It was in that moment that I trusted myself, trusted my ear, trusted my gut, trusted the way that my music made me FEEL!!! I had no idea how it would be received, neither was that something I considered. I just wanted to make a body of work that felt right! And to the most beautiful, loyal fans that anyone would kill to have on their team, you were right there by my side waiting (im)patiently the entire time! To have the support of so many, with the enthusiasm that we shared for Anti felt like such a reward! I cannot thank you enough for loving her the way you do! And to every single person that was a part of the process from sound to aesthetic, thank you and I cherish you! May the Glory be to God! I actually hate long captions, I know u can't tell but i don't care! 🎈 #ANTiversary
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