Mariah Carey unwraps new single + video for ‘I Don’t’ (ft. YG) ♫♫

*Updated* Mariah Carey finally debuts new single ‘I Don’t’ featuring rapper YG
The Donell Jones-sampling R&B midtempo addresses her recent break-up with billionaire fiance James Packer. It's such a bop and really comes through with its triumphant throwback vibe! It actually sounds far better than what the snippets delivered. Does it blow me away? Not at all, but JD's production is nice, the vocals (and flow) sound solid, and the track has a really good melody!

OK, so the video is out and the dramatic wedding dress scenes were clearly done for sh*ts and giggles. Sooooo, I'll burn the wedding dress but keep the $10 million dollar engagement ring on my finger because it's far too valuable to put in the fire too! Hilarious. As for everything else, when was the last time Mariah delivered an amazing visual? A storyline would have given it some replay value but posing in risque outfits just gets tired and fast.