Ashanti for Harpers Bazaar + new single

In the new issue of Harper's Bazaar, Ashanti reveals how her new music is going to sound "so different."
Beyoncé's one-time rival talks about her new single 'Lose Yourself,' which she is shooting a video for. She also reflects on the 15th anniversary of her iconic debut album, and still looks amazing as ever. Check out the deets inside.

On her new single, "Lose Yourself":

"My new single will be coming out very, very soon. I'm trying to get the video shot as soon as I get back. The song is incredible. I played it in one of the venues during soundcheck out here and the whole venue was like, 'Holy sh*t, is that Ashanti's new record?! No way!' I'm just really excited about it. And obviously, being able to release my single on my own record label, called Written Entertainment, and having done everything independently, is such an awesome feeling. I'm stoked about that."

On her new sound:

"This new song is completely different. Let's just say, with me and Ja knowing each other for over 15 years, when I played him the record, he was like, 'Who's that? Yo thats you?' He made me start the record over! He was like, 'Oh my gosh, you gotta put that out tonight.' It's safe to say that it's very different and so dope. It's really a nice change. It's current, it's urgent. When you do put the two together, you're like, 'Damn it does sound like Ashanti, but something new, something 2017."

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