Epic Records reportedly wants to drop Mariah Carey

Apparently, Epic Records "doesn't know her," but I'm not quite sure I'm buying this story just yet. 

Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411 reports that the label are not happy with Mariah Carey. The label reportedly had no clue she was dropping her latest single 'I Don't,' and that didn't do much on the chart either.

She also released 'Infinity' previously and that flopped too. Sadly, her new music just doesn't get played on the radio. Epic chief L.A. Reid is said to want to cut his losses. Apparently, there is no new album in the works. This is believable since she told fans in a recent Q&A that for now she just wants to put out singles. Friedman claims there are no conversations occurring between Epic and the singer's team. 

I don't understand why MC went back to Reid in the first place. When they were working together at Def Jam, she more than hinted her disdain at his approach towards management of her album 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.' Reid is quick to axe artists that can't recoup back his investment in album sales. This union of theirs already looks like its heading towards a slippery slope.