Chrisette Michele talks Trump stress causing miscarriage on Breakfast Club

Chrisette Michele tells Breakfast Club that the backlash she got for performing at Donald Trump's Inauguration lead to her miscarriage.
Earlier today, she revealed that she was stressed about being so associated to someone she didn't support. Plus, the stress of the hatred she received online, all of which she claims can create havoc on a woman's body.

BUT... if you didn't support someone, would you perform at an event meant to celebrate them? Of course she now regrets it, and apologises for upsetting the black community. It's believed Michele was paid six figures to perform at the event. Questlove offered to pay her NOT to perform, but she still went ahead with the performance anyway. While it's sad she lost her baby as a result of the stress, it was such a disappointment that she would sacrifice her dignity and self-respect for a man so full of hatred and bigotry. She probably needed the money since a baby was on the way at that time, but I would rather go to my family for help than have my name highly associated to Donald Trump.

FYI: Other topics discussed include her new music, feeling suicidal, and being dropped.