Rihanna talks Beyoncé in Vogue Paris (full photoshoot)

Rihanna's feature for Vogue Paris contains 3 different photoshoots for the 3 covers by Inez & Vinoodh, Juergen Teller and Jean-Paul Goude.
As for Beyoncé...
"I remember on the set of 'If it's lovin that you want' music video, I didn't know how to act and I told myself: "what would Beyoncé do?"
I remember watching that video for the first time, and thinking it could easily have been the sequal to 'Baby Boy.' During that first album era, they were definitely trying to market her as a mini me Beyoncé, and I don't think she was comfortable with it. However, a new-coming artist doesn't get much power and control when it comes to artistic direction until they have proven themselves with success. I am glad she was able to break away from that, and later became the artist she always wanted to be.

Rihanna for Vogue Paris by Juergen Teller:

Rihanna for Vogue Paris by Jean-Paul Goude:

Rihanna for Vogue Paris by Inez & Vinoodh: