Video Premiere: Justin Timberlake - ‘Supplies’

Justin Timberlake drops trippy visuals for ‘Supplies,’ off his upcoming album 'Man of the Woods'.
JT reunites with The Neptunes for the cut, which I have to admit is a better song than 'Filthy'. To be honest, that really isn't saying much. Once upon a time ago, he use to come with the heat, and now? Putting out mediocrity just seems so easy when you have that Super Bowl hype machine to back it up. And you know his fans will eat it up regardless. 

Directed by Dave Meyers:
JT plans to release two more songs weekly leading up to the album’s February 2nd release. This will be followed by his Super Bowl halftime performance on February 4th. His 'Man of the Woods' tour is also smashing, with tickets selling out instantly despite high pricing. Due to high demand, he's practically added an extra show for pretty much everywhere.