Jennifer Lopez performs Super Saturday concert with DIRECTV

Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez took the stage at Nomadic Live in Minneapolis for a special Super Saturday concert with DirecTV. 
She performed some of her biggest hits for a special benefit show in support of the victims of Hurricane Maria. In case you missed it, J.Lo has a brand new single called 'Us,' which was produced by Skrillex. She performed it for the very first time and I think it has overseas appeal. At the same time, her uptempos have a similar pattern going on. I know there's the saying of, "if it aint broke," but to me, it's all starting to sound repetitive and samey. I've never had her down as a one trick pony though.

Still, my nomination for next years SB Halftime Show would be... this woman, period. No one half her age right now can command a stage the way she does, and she's almost 50!

Official audio: Jennifer Lopez - 'Us'