Is Britney Spears ready to retire music? #Grazia

Britney Spears' Grazia interview seems to imply she could be taking an extended break from recording new music. 
The publication asks her if she has any plans to release new music. "I don't know," she replies. "I would especially like to write for others. There are amazing artists nowadays and I would like to work with the young generation." Find out why, below.

Apparently, she would like to write for the younger artists (as opposed to recording new music of her own), because they are more open to experimentation. The older artists are more set in their ways, she says. 

The older generation are definitely more oldschool, and would probably not want to work with Britney anyway. Britney is an icon, but a legend she is not. The younger artists would appreciate her more because they grew up listening to her music. Tinashe  is a Britney stan. Collaborating with younger artists like Tinashe (as well as Miley Cyrus) was clearly a real eye opener for her. This seemingly makes Britney want to go a different route in regards to her future.