Christina Aguilera performs 'Fall In Line' @ #BBMAs

Harpo, who dis woman?! I'm serious. The woman I am looking at certainly isn't Ms. Aguilera. The platinum haired diva was a shell of her former self during her showing at  the BBMAs. She performed her new single 'Fall In Line' with Demi Lovato.

Christina and Demi were literally having a screaming match during that performance. I couldn't tell who was winning, but it certainly wasn't my ears.

Upon hearing the song, I was indifferent to the jazz-influenced ballad which is made up of sparse production and whatnot. My first thought was that it wasn't single material and wouldn't go anywhere, despite its empowering message about being a strong woman, and paying ode to the #MeToo movement.

I think the song would have been better without Demi, but Christina wanted the feature because she wants to reconnect her music to a younger demographic.

Their live performance is certainly doing wonders for the song, as it has shot back into the top 5 on (US) iTunes once again. That's prior to the song dropping completely out of the top 20 previously.

Clearly, this is the song Christina is hoping to kick off her new album 'Liberation', which drops in stores on June 15th.



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