Beyoncé & Jay Z's album sells just 69K in pure sales #yikes

Beyoncé and Jay Z's joint album 'Everything is Love' debuted at #2 selling just 69,996 in pure sales and 124,470 with SPS. These numbers are very underwhelming. The album wasn't really great to begin with. However, that Tidal-exclusive window did them no favours on top of not having a full sales tracking week. It would have faired better had they just went for a traditional roll-out.

Beyoncé also needs to go back to dropping quality records (the last album that had some real substance was '4'). I don't think 'Lemonade' was good either. People were only intrigued because she used her marriage and Jay's infidelity as a gimmick to sell her story. He later released a response album ('4:44'), which is what folks initially wanted. They should have left it at that. But when you surprise release an album TOGETHER promoting your wealth and marriage being back on track, well... these low figures just show people don't care anymore. The gimmick has lost its legs and you can only play the public and media for so long.