Beyoncé & Jay Z drop ‘Apeshit’ video off new joint album

Beyoncé and Jay Z released a joint 9-track album over the weekend, titled 'Everything is Love.' It is only available to download on Jay Z's streaming service Tidal (shocker). Bey made the announcement on stage in London as they thanked fans for coming to their ‘On The Run II’ tour. They released a music video for lead single ‘Apeshit.’ This is their first album together and it is said to celebrate their marriage and black identity.

Okay, cool. But the song is absolute trash and very uninspired. She really is making this trap thing her schtick. The album is neither here nor there. Don't expect any 'Deja Vu', 'Crazy In Love' or 'Drunk In Love' type songs because you will be sourly disappointed.

Album cover:

1. Summer
2. Apeshit
3. Boss
4. Nice
5. 713
6. Friends
7. Heard about us
8. Black effect
9. Lovehappy