Rihanna teases new album on Graham Norton

Rihanna recently told 'The Graham Norton Show' that she's “actually in the studio working on new music.” When pressed on a release date, she replied: “You just have to wait and see.” We've known about Rihanna working on a new album, as several producers and writers have talked about it. Plus... her vocal producer Kuk Harrell, manager Jay Brown, and A&R Omar Grant have traveled with her to London a few times this year (Instagram stories and posts from the studio confirm this).

Rihanna's personal assistant Jennifer Rosales also had a baby shower and it was noted Rihanna wasn't there because she was in the studio working. Rihanna has been throwing around the idea of a reggae album, which could be good as she would be returning to her roots. It is now summer and Island sounds have become somewhat trendy. The highly-anticipated project would serve as the follow-up to 2016’s 'ANTi.' 

I’d love a new Rihanna album, but she's been broadening her brand with make up, lingerie, fragrances and acting. It’s pretty clear music isn’t her top priority right now. I'd rather she exhaust those ventures first so she could give 100% with this album, including high end promotion (the handling of her last album was a mess, but musically she delivered).

This was Rihanna's first talk show interview since forever. Although she was with her co-stars to promote new film 'Ocean’s 8', it was nice seeing that bubbly personality shine through again.