Well played, Teyana

You know you that bitch, when you get a man kicked off his own damn tour. Teyana basically said to Jeremih, "you fuck me over, and I will fuck you over 10 times more!"

This week, she pulled out of his 'Later That Night' tour after being “extremely mistreated.”

She blasted him on Twitter for being “lazy, sneaky, jealous, conniving, and selfish.” She said she would "end up knocking this nigga out" if she stayed on the tour. In the video clip below, Teyana says he's been sabotaging her sets by putting water on stage for her to slip and messing with the lights.

In one of her tweets, she made note that concertgoers would come to see her, then 80% of the venue would leave after her set. It actually makes sense that many people who attended her show had mistakenly assumed it was HER tour instead.

The tour has since been renamed from the 'Later That Night' tour to the 'KTSE on Aisle VII' tour and will no longer feature Jeremih, who was the original headliner. All of the dates will remain the same, except for a rescheduled Toronto show, and Dani Leigh will continue on as supporting act.

It's not the first time Jeremih was kicked off a tour. He was removed from PARTYNEXTDOOR’s 'Summer’s Over' tour in 2016. His removal came after he disrespected the headliner on stage, as well as disputing that it should be a co-headlining trek. PND reportedly disagreed with this, claiming his fanbase is responsible for a majority of ticket sales.

Seems Jeremih's ego can't take it when an artist is getting all the shine on tour. And organisers clearly felt Teyana was the more profitable option so they cut their losses and had him removed. You know the saying though, jealousy gets you nowhere.