Janet Jackson honoured @ Black Girls Rock, just as her sabotager meets his downfall #karma

I love that Les Moonves is kicked to the curb on the same day the world watches Janet Jackson get lifted. Karma could not be any sweeter right now.

Ciara presented her idol with her Black Girls Rock, Rock Star Award during Black Girls Rock! 2018 in Newark, New Jersey. This woman has accomplished so much and opened so many doors for black women in entertainment. I love how she shouted out other black women in her speech as well. A true icon.

As for this Moonves loser?

It was reported last night that he is officially stepping down as CBS president following previous sexual assault allegations that have come to light. After the Superbowl incident with Janet and Justin Timberlake (who suffered no repercussions), he went on a vindictive campaign against her claiming he didn't feel her apology was sincere enough. He banned her videos and music from MTV and VHS (as well as Viacom radio stations). He held on to this vendetta for so long that 7 years later when he heard she had a book deal from Simon and Schuster, he said somebody would pay. Last night, Ronan Farrow who outed Harvey Weinstein wrote ANOTHER story outing him with allegations essentially amounting to oral rape and extreme sexual harassment. As a result of this, he had to step down.


Whatever you put out in the universe, comes back to you ten times fold. Oh, and congratulations to Janet!