Soooo, Rihanna's new album will be "dance-heavy" now?

What a Rihanna album will sound like in 2019 should probably not be entertained until we actually hear it. One minute it's going to be heavily reggae. Now it's going to be heavily dance. Hmmmm. Perhaps she's planning to do reggae-dance fusion, or even two albums (as rumoured). One thing I do know is that it sure is fun reading about the progress.

According to DJ Alesso, Rihanna wants to make music that will get you on your feet. She wants her next record to be filled with dance bops apparently. He told the Daily Star that he’s “heard she wants to take over the dance music charts.” The project could feature some of his famous friends Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Diplo, and Martin Garrix. Diplo has responded to DJ Alesso's remarks, not giving too much away but kinda hinting he is working on the project. And he lowkey blasts the DJ for even talking. I hate when producers brag about their contributions, and then come on Twitter butt hurt when their work doesn't make the cut. It happens a lot. Let's not forget the epic Glass John meltdown surrounding 'ANTi's delay and his song not getting released. As a result, it's been confirmed Beyoncé makes her producers sign non-disclosure agreements about their studio sessions. You talk, you get cut. End of. At this point, I don't think Navy cares about what type of music Rihanna puts out (personally, I prefer urban Rihanna.) They just want new music from her period.