Xtina kicks off 'Liberation' tour; watch full concert...

After 10 years of not touring, Christina Aguilera kicked off the 'Liberation' tour in Hollywood, FL this week. She pretty much performed songs off every album released including her signature hits 'Genie,' 'Dirrty,' 'Beautiful' and 'Fighter.' She also debuted a new song titled 'Wonderland,' but fans were not impressed that 'Your Body' and 'Like I Do' got snubbed. They were somewhat grateful for the 'Bionic' medley, as that album was severely underrated. As for vocals, it seems there is still some throatiness and strain in her voice. It might not be a big deal to some, due to it coming across as "soulful," but this can still cause temporary or even permanent damage to her vocals. A concertgoer who attended the show wrote, "I'm sorry but Xtina's vocals last night were painful to listen to. A simple c5 sounded as if she was trying to hit an A5. I was very disappointed and saddened. Why would you write and record music you cannot sing live???? I am dumbfounded."

It's been noted for some time that Christina has struggled to hit the notes she use to hit so effortlessly. But even in her prime, this was predicted because her poor singing technique was bound to cause damage later on in her career. She might have made up for it in visuals, and choreo but the best time to attend a Christina concert would have been... 10 years ago.

Watch the concert in its entirety below.


Promo shoot:

1. Liberation
2. Searching For Maria
3. Maria
4. Genie In A Bottle
5. Dirrty
6. Sick of Sittin
7. Can’t Hold Us Down
8. Right Moves (interlude)
9. Deserve
10. Accelerate
11. Bionic (interlude)/Elastic Love/Woohoo/Not Myself Tonight
12. Express (interlude)
13. Lady Marmalade
14. Aint No Other Man
15. Wonderland
16. Say Something
17. It’s a Mans Mans Mans World
18. Fighter
19. Dreamers (remix)
20. Fall In Line
21. Twice
22. Beautiful


1. Unless It's With You
(Gay proposal)
2. Let There Be Love

Full concert: