Danity Kane has unkind words for Diddy...

Diddy put Danity Kane together on MTV's ‘Making The Band,’ and also used the same show to disband them. They've since reunited and claim Diddy only cared about the cheques MTV were paying him. Okaaay... so Diddy is the devil, and water is wet. This man has scammed every artist he's been involved with, so are they honestly surprised that this was the outcome? Although Diddy was good at finding talent, he did not know how to nurture it. He is a cut throat businessman, and if he can't make money, he just cuts his losses. The man is all about the money and anybody that deals with him should know that. I know that back in the day, all the young kids were desperate to get their big break, so they would sign with him blindly.

However, with his poor track record being out there for public consumption, anyone would be a fool to sign with Bad Boy now. That said, (and as much as I despise Diddy), I don't believe he was solely to blame for their demise. The girls themselves had issues, and a split was imminent regardless. It would appear Diddy saw this coming and decided to call it a day before the shit hit the fan.

Check out their interview on The Daily Buzz below (I swear if Aubrey doesn't stop messing with her face, it will turn to slop):