Janet Jackson wows Global Citizen Festival 2018; watch full performance...

Despite the crowd looking like they were watching a funeral sermon, Janet Jackson's performance at this weekend's Global Citizen Festival was nothing short of amazing. She performed hit after hit after hit (see setlist below.) MSNBC won't be forgiven for rudely interrupting her one hour performance with two commercials. Ugh. Janet uses the platform to call for better treatment of women and condemns the double standards she's faced in her career. In 2004, Justin Timberlake exposed her nipple during their joint Super Bowl halftime performance. While Timberlake got to walk away unscathed, Janet's career encountered an epic blacklisting.

Watch Janet's full performance here.

1. The Skin Game (Part 1)
2. The Knowledge
4. Nasty / Feedback / Miss You Much / Alright / You Want This
5. Control / What Have You Done for Me Lately / The Pleasure Principle
6. Love Will Never Do (Without You)
7. When I Think of You / All For You
8. Got 'til It's Gone (with Q‐Tip)
9. That's the Way Love Goes
10. Interlude (Interlude with 'Idle' by Spooky Black)
11. What About
12. You Ain't Right
13. If
14. Scream
15. Rhythm Nation
16. Together Again
17. Made For Now