Lana Del Rey (& Iggy Azalea) go 'white girl hood' on a shook Azealia Banks...

I think I found my new saying. “I won’t not fuck you the fuck up. Period.”

Azealia Banks shouldn't write checks her ass can't cash. Another woman challenges you to a fight following your constant mouth diarrhea, and you want to run to lawyers?! LOL. I won't underestimate Lana Del Rey in a fight, but even if Lana didn't come out on top (prior to Azealia sacrificing enough chickens), I've just gained a whole lot of respect for her.


The actual tweets (receipts):

And of course Azealia turns this into a race issue, when this was all about the universal disdain for Kanye West's Trump loving ways:

Rapper Iggy Azalea wanted a piece of the action too (before deleting her tweets):

And I'm just here like...