Friday, 5 October 2018

Rihanna says she feels "attacked" by fans for new music...

Rihanna jokingly admits she is feeling bullied by her fans, as the harassment for new music becomes even more tense. LOL. Oh she got joke jokes? Mocking the Navy's thirst for new music? Gotta love her sense of humour. Matter of fact, she needs to bring more of that Fenty comedy to Instagram. Saying that, folks need to realise Rihanna is building her empire the right way. She's not just slapping her name on a bunch of wholesale pre-made items. She's actively involved in the planning process of her brand and oversees the final product, whether it be lingerie, perfume or cosmetics. That takes a lot of time and effort on Ri's behalf. Of course new music would be nice, but it's also admirable that Rihanna is choosing not to limit herself. New music will come in due time.

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