Mariah Carey performs 'The Distance' on Fallon...

Mariah Carey hits the stage with Ty Dolla $ign to perform 'Caution' album track 'The Distance.' This was during a recent visit to 'The Tonight Show.'

As for my thoughts on this album... not my favourite from her. I wished she sang more instead. She's barely singing, and it only featured 10 songs. It's probably her safest album as far as vocals go. She's not singing until you reach 'Portrait,' and even then, her vocals are somewhat restricted. I was disappointed in the autotune on this album. Mariah's career has mostly centered around her being a true vocalist. A Mariah record drenched in autotune in 2018 is just pitiful to me. I liked the album and thought it was a cohesive body of work. I would have liked to hear more adult contemporary stuff from her to be honest. The wrong songs were released as singles. 'Giving Me Life' and 'Stay Long' are much more single-worthy than 'GTFO' and 'With You.' 

That is just my two pence.