Keri Hilson explains music delay... again

Keri Hilson's music career has been at a standstill for almost a decade. Her last project, 'No Boys Allowed', dropped in 2010, and she chose to make her acting a prioritized career move. She's appeared in a handful of movies, including 'Think Like A Man.' 

Fans want new music, but Keri has written a letter on social media explaining the delay and the necessity of cutting the ties of toxic relationships. I am kind of confused though. Didn't she recently state that she left the industry on her own terms? I sympathize for the woman that helped produce Britney's best ever album 'Blackout.' She is a good writer and producer, and it sucks that certain obstacles may have scuppered her chances at releasing new music. And no, neither Beyoncé or her stans are that damn powerful. One day the truth will come out.