Beyoncé almost gets SNOGGED (NOT by Jay Z)... #NAACP #Awards

Actor Omari Hardwick almost kissed Beyoncé in the mouth in front of a puzzled Jay Z at last night's NAACP Awards.

Bey's facial expression after that second kiss looked like a woman clearly irritated that another man had the sheer audacity to violate her personal space. It didn't matter that her husband was standing right there while dude placed his mouth so close to hers. An oblivious Viola Davis looked like she was over it already. That said, massive congrats to Bey and Jay for winning the Entertainer of the Year and President Awards respectively!

Hardwick: F*ck Jay Z. Let me shoot my shot with thee one and only Beyoncé!

Beyoncé: No, this bitch didn't!

Jay Z: This f*ckin' n****!!!!!

Viola: Pst! Get me the f*ck outta here...

The entire action in motion:

Bey's speech: