Rihanna | 'Fenty' launch in Paris | T magazine...

Rihanna's latest feature in New York Times’ T magazine was more or less a promotional tie-in with the launch of her 'Fenty' fashion line in Paris this week. Her brand/empire is getting bigger and that's cool, but musically, she's saying NOTHING. All we get from this interview (which you can read in full here), is that her new album will not feature a collaboration with Drake, there is no album title yet and she still doesn't know when it's coming out. Well, in hindsight, she probably does have an idea but doesn't want to say because she knows Navy are relentless. If she said "late summer" and late summer passed with no album, she'd get lynched. 

Sooo, while she's out here in Paris, promoting her latest business ventures and looking drop dead gorgeous with that 60s hair, fans will just have to wait a tad bit longer for some real news.

Paris 'Fenty' launch this week: