Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Ciara brings cowboy style to Cannes...

Ciara explored her inner cowgirl in leather pants and ten-gallon hat for Cannes Lions Festival performance on Monday. I guess that pixie cut she debuted the other day was just a wig... pretty much like the pixie cut she debuted another lifetime ago. A few months ago she also went out of her way to show off her natural hair and to also show us that she didn't have any follicle-defying Naomi Campbell-like edges. I mean... there's always constant wonder whether that person has any hair at all if they are always in wigs/weaves.  

I think she looks good in most styles but short hair doesn't radiate her beauty the same way it does with someone like Rihanna or Halle Berry. Check out her dance-heavy video for 'Set' if you missed it.