Beyoncé attends 'The Lion King' premiere in LA | Releases new song 'Spirit.'

Soooo... The Lion King premiere took place this week. 

Beyoncé got lots of support from her former band mates Destiny's Child when they all showed up at the Dolby theatre. Oh, and as it's something for the kids, Beyoncé's daughter Blue Ivy tagged along too as did Kelly Rowland's son Titan. Bey is the voice of Nala in the Disney remake, which will see its worldwide debut on July 19th. Bey also released a new song from the soundtrack called 'Spirit.' 

The type of song and theme fits the film to a tee. I'm just not sure I like Beyoncé's voice on it. I don't think her tone meshes well with that type of music at all. But maybe it's just me...