Beyoncé’s special 'Making The Gift' airs tomorrow but wait... didn't the album drop a month ago?

It's one thing to rarely do interviews once you reach a level of fame, but Beyoncé's nonchalant and blasé attitude towards promoting her music is quite baffling. ABC has just announced that her new documentary 'Making The Gift' is set to air tomorrow at 10PM on ABC. The doc gives fans a behind the scenes look at the process behind her Lion King-inspired compilation album, 'The Gift.' The album already came and went like a month ago, so that would have been the perfect time to release it. I don't think it's a coincidence that this is released a week before The Lion King DVD is set to come out on September 23rd. It's most likely a contractual thing with Disney, and this is just some finalized cross promo. Peep the trailer below.