Could you imagine if Beyoncé announced her retirement?

I think the internet would break if Beyoncé announced her retirement from music. How would you feel? I don't think it would affect me as much, simply because (IMO) Bey hasn't had a good album since '4.' I use to crave a Beyoncé album, but now not so much. She's already sealed her icon status, and she can retire if she wants to. Nicki Minaj just announced her retirement because she said she's ready to start a family. This news comes as a shock to her Barbz, because she previously confirmed that she was working on a fifth studio album. I don't know. Her post just screams troll tendencies to me. If she's for real, she's probably pregnant (and married) already to registered sex offender Kenneth Petty. Good luck to her. Being married and having a family didn't stop Bey from continuing with music, so this just feels really premature. She'll probably do a Toni/Tamar Braxton with the retirement statement and come back in five years once she gets bored.