Saturday, 14 September 2019

Cute story behind THAT Rihanna & Cardi B pic backstage @ Diamond Ball...

During Rihanna's, 5th annual Diamond Ball on Thursday night, an auctioneer had $110K going for Rihanna's upcoming coffee table book. Cardi B's first bid went in at $106K. Somebody else then bid $107K. So she upped her bid to $108K before OUTBIDDING herself with a final $111K — $1,000 more than the auctioneer had asked for. This was a cute story, and it's nice to see women supporting each other for good causes. In related news, Rihanna had to deny she was pregnant when her mid section was looking a little curvier than usual (I knew the rumours would go into overdrive after THAT video I posted started doing the rounds.) Adding fuel to the fire, she said, I’m gonna give birth to a black woman...”