Sunday, 8 September 2019

LOL: Chilli set herself up to be trolled; now people are saying Lizzo looks like her...

Chilli's signature catchphrase now is officially "she doesn't look like me." I am cracking up. Add on a Shaggy beat, and she might just have a hit with it. What we've now learnt about Chilli is that she absolutely HATES people saying somebody resembles her. If you go back to my other post, you will see that I added more "incidents," where Chilli showed her disapproval at other comparisons. In doing this, she has opened herself up to being trolled. Lizzo is actually an attractive woman, so I don't see why Chilli would be upset about the comparisons (she's coming across a narcissist so if she was, I know why). Maybe Lil Kim should throw on a wet 'n' wavy lacefront, so that people can say they favour and take joy in seeing Chilli having a major meltdown on social media.