Michelle Williams snaps after being mistaken for Michelle Williams: "Stop cussing me out!"

Remember that #PoorMichelle movement that went viral years ago? It might be about to start back up again. 

In this video, an irate Michelle goes off on social media users for mistaking her for the Hollywood actress Michelle Williams. That actress had just won an Emmys the night before and her speech acknowledged the massive wage gap for women of colour than literally everyone else including white women. This Michelle Williams however... simply cannot catch a break. I just want to give her a warm hug and cook her a delicious plate of baked mac & cheese, smoked collards and some fried chicken (and yes, I'd serve that up in super large proportions!). She's looking a little malnourished, and she was already thin to begin with. Oh, and she refers to herself as yellow *crickets* Guuuurl... the only thing that's yellow is the shirt you're wearing, lol.