Is Nicki Minaj really the right person to give advice on toxic relationships?

Rapper Nicki Minaj has opened up about a past "toxic" relationship in which she was once a victim of domestic abuse. Nicki does not name her abuser, but does give good advice and offers uplifting sentiments to women in that predicament. Her candid admission was shared on social media, ahead of her marriage to Kenneth Petty.

She’s preaching good game. The thing is... she's only set herself up to be dragged terribly. Nicki is not practicing what she preaches. She is trying to become the wife of an alleged murdering, rapist pedophile, who reportedly mistreated his baby mama. She’s convinced herself that she is in a better situation right now with Petty than her previous men. Nicki is a narcissist. She thinks it's okay to ignore how Petty mistreated women in the past simply because his dick game is probably gold and he hasn't put his hands on her... YET. So while no one is disagreeing with what she's saying, this is a case of the right message being delivered by the wrong messenger.