Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Normani addresses those pesky Beyoncé comparisons for the BILLIONTH time...

Normani addresses those pesky Beyoncé comparisons during a recent visit to the Zach Sang radio show. It's practically the same politically correct answer she gives time and time again dating from last year.

"I want to be the only Normani, not the next Bey. I want to prove myself first" blah blah blah, you get the gist of it. The thing is, I do not see Bey in Normani as an overall performer. Therefore, I can easily understand why she would not want that label attached to her. I think people only compare the two because they both incorporate dance and high-octane energy into their performances. I see more Janet and Britney in Normani than Beyoncé. The skill level in her dancing is more athletic, BUT... her singing voice is average at best. I agree with one of my readers who stated that she doesn't have a distinct voice like Bey or Rihanna. But performance wise, she can command a lot of buzz and attention. I do think it's a tad bit harsh that she is seen more as the next Teyana or Tinashe (note: I am not fully disagreeing), but until her debut album drops (she talks about that too), we won't know the full capacity of where her popularity lies.