Saturday, 14 September 2019

Not so fast: Tinashe DENIES being signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation...

Tinashe has shut down rumors of being signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation. She states she’s an independent artist. She also wants to release an independent project before signing with any label. And all of a sudden, I have found a silver lining in such news. Her relationship with RCA wasn't that great. Sure, they got her on Britney's 'Slumber Party' remix. We know this was probably one of the biggest highlights of her career, as Britney has always been her idol. But unfortunately, that good deed didn't outweigh the bad. RCA took a long time to release her latest album 'Joyride,' which only went on to sell under 10K in pure album sales. Her constant dragging of RCA on social media and interviews didn't help. She publicly blamed them for forcing her to collaborate with Chris Brown, and then she accused them of only focusing on Zayn Malik. She also angered the label by leaking her own music and uploading it to Soundcloud. This was only ever going to end one way. I'm not saying she should totally rule out signing to a major. I just don't think Roc Nation would do much for her at this point.