Saturday, 21 September 2019

Rihanna is fat shamed by Azealia Banks...

Rihanna hasn't given Azealia Banks the time of day in years. However, it seems this Savage x Fenty presentation premiering this week has apparently awoken past feelings and emotions. 

So a few hours ago, Azealia and her Tarzan caveman wig went on social media to post several videos. In those videos, she is ranting about her past beef with Rihanna. She recalls how Rihanna once made fun of her a long time ago for being dark skinned and having no edges. Now she says Rihanna is bald with no edges. She also takes digs at Rihanna's curvier figure, adding, she is fat, with a "coke metabolism." She stresses that Rihanna is only pushing body positivity now simply because she is no longer skinny. Of course she says a whole load of stuff, but I'm not about to break down the entire rant. The video is there if you wish to entertain it. I don't even find her comments that shocking any more. Every time a black woman is successful, she goes in on them. Nothing new. It's her actual appearance and deranged behaviour in the video that's more shocking than what comes out of her mouth. I think we're witnessing the start of a social media breakdown, and it's actually really sad to see this play out so publicly.