Rihanna talks having kids: “I’m gonna give birth to a black woman...”

Seems Rihanna is ready to have kids (with boyfriend Hassan Jameel). During her chat with Essence at last night's Diamond Ball, she said she will raise a black Queen (pretty much like herself). Rihanna has always been hardcore about her roots and where she came from. I think she will make an amazing mum as she is so loving and affectionate towards her cousin Majesty. That child will be so lucky to have Rihanna as a mum, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Rihanna stan. It's funny that she's talking about having kids because people were saying she looked pregnant in that black dress (check out the video I posted in the other Diamond Ball post). I think it's just a food baby but she better NOT get pregnant before that album drops. Navy will have some serious meltdowns if they don't get an album and tour before she settles down and raises a family.