Rita Ora "feared for her life" prior to legal battle with Roc Nation #DramaticMuch

In a new interview, Rita Ora says she "feared for her life" during her "scary" legal battle with Jay Z's record label Roc Nation. The situation prevented her from making music for five years, which led to her filing a lawsuit to get out of her contract with Roc Nation. She accused them of neglecting her, before they counter-sued and then settled the case in 2016. Why did she fear for her life? That's the real question. Was she ever threatened? Is Jay Z really a ruthless hitman in the guise of a cut throat business mogul? He might have been an alleged member of the Illuminati but c'mon now. I honestly don't understand why she's still talking about it. We all go through bad experiences in life, but we learn from them, put it behind us and move on. The UK still has love for the mediocre music she puts out, and her lucrative endorsement deals show no signs of drying up, so Ms. Ora will be okay for now. And for that, she should be grateful.