Alicia Keys didn't even recognize her own face during this so-called make-up free movement.

Alicia Keys said that she didn't even know her own face once all the make-up came off during a chat on the Facebook Watch series 'Red Table Talk.' She would gasp at her reflection and be shocked by older photos of herself. The contrast was THAT drastic. Yet, she'd be pissed if someone told her she looked tired, when she wasn't actually tired at all. She was simply rocking her "chilling" face.  I recall Alicia getting a lot of praise for attending award shows with this make-up free mantra. It was kind of inspiring. Then her makeup artist Dotti admitted Alicia wasn't as make-up free as she had everyone believe. She was using self-tanner, eyebrow crayons and vice versa. Yes, it was natural make-up (Dotti's defense) but still make-up regardless.

Young girls were being mislead into a false sense of empowerment, walking around with acne and blemishes on their faces in broad daylight simply because they believed their idol was doing it too. I know it's different for celebrities. They have to keep up appearances and can't be having pizza faces on camera, but don't promote a movement under false presences.