Christina Aguilera on #MeToo: "I’ve definitely had my fair share."

It's nice to see Christina Aguilera going for a more natural look for Sunday Times magazine. It makes her look younger. She just needs to ease up on the fillers, but overall, this has been one of her better looks. The singer admits she also has her own experiences with #MeToo. 

The Sunday Times:
“I’ve got some names that I won’t say or go into, but I’ve definitely had my fair share. And coming up really young, too, there were certain scenarios when it was ultimately just the hardest to tune it out, to stay focused on what I was doing.”
Predators, rapists and pedophiles deserved to be named and shamed. Unfortunately, some women have found themselves on the wrong side of the law having been ordered to pay defamation damages to the men they have publicly ousted. It's why it's so important to take action as it happens, so other women can make conscious career decisions on whether or not to work with certain producers and directors.