Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Mariah Carey recalls her very own #MeToo experience...

Mariah Carey on her very own #MeToo experience: "I was like oh, this person tried to have a moment with me, without being too specific, in a studio, in the dark, and thank God I laughed my way out of it."

Can I take a moment to say how beautiful Mariah looked on the cover of Variety? I can't wait to buy her memoir (confirmed in interview). It's going to be soooo good. I hope she is 100% honest in the book and she drops names (she probably won't in fear of legal ramifications but at least give us some heavy hints.) Mariah says she's proud of the women who have come forward during the #MeToo movement, and wishes she'd have done it. People are quick to denounce her experience because she was doing concerts with R. Kelly, but a lot of people were oblivious to his lies (while others chose to turn a blind eye because he was serving them clout.) But regardless of such associations in the past, that doesn't mean the experience didn't happen. The interview was very empowering and thought-provoking, but I never expect less from the very articulate Mariah Carey. Read the full interview here and watch a video clip below.