Mental Illness Awareness | Artists still thriving regardless of diagnosis.

Last year, Mariah Carey went public with her bipolar disorder diagnosis. I think many of her hardcore stans knew something was up when she had that manic episode in 2001. But four years later, she came back with major vengeance. 'The Emancipation of Mimi' ya'll. Need I say more?

Chris Brown makes me seethe with some of the ignorant shit that come out of his mouth. But I can't deny his talent. Despite being diagnosed with PTSD and bipolar disorder, he still has a hardcore fanbase that flocks to his tours and helps his albums to sell. He has his issues, but his popularity is very much still in full existence.

Michelle Williams has been quite candid with her intense struggles in regards to depression. Her relationship ended, and she quit Broadway. But when you've been a part of one of the biggest girl groups in history and you're seen as the "spare", that can easily affect anyone emotionally. 

Demi Lovato has been suffering from addiction, abuse, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, bullying, eating disorders etc, since she was a KID. She's been open about her issues for a decade and has been fighting those demons. As of now, those demons are losing and she seems to be very happy in her new relationship.

Britney Spears is a classic example of mental illness being played out so publicly. We've seen it live in action, and it was shocking. But I think this is the reason why she is so loved. Behind that famous pop icon, people see a vulnerable human being, albeit a sweetheart of a human being, who encountered all of her personal barriers falling right down before us.