Nicki Minaj just trolled the hell out of her fans (Adele's too.)

During the launch of her new Fendi collection, Nicki Minaj said Adele made her swear to secrecy in regards to an "epic" collaboration they recorded. Beyoncé doesn't swear anyone to secrecy. She makes them sign NDAs. She's well aware that no one's word is their bond. But even if someone swore you to secrecy and you agreed to it, why would you betray someone's trust like this? Why would you risk having today's biggest selling artist cut off ties with you? Soooo... something just didn't sit right here, although I partially believed it. Anyway... She dug her heels in further by mentioning a video which they supposedly shot. When all the major music outlets started to report it, she quickly retracted. She says she wasn’t serious and admits being “sarcastic” about the collab.

I have to admit, the randomness of such a collab would have been exciting because working with a very decorated and commercial pop artist like Minaj (yes I said pop) is completely out of Adele's comfort zone musically. I have a feeling some people would even call her a sell-out. Commercial collabs have never been her thing and she seems to be the type of musician that takes pride in her artistic integrity.