Laugh of the day: Would you pay $55 to eat this?

McDonalds serve better breakfast for $50 less
Would YOU pay $55 for this sad plate of breakfast? Microwave food of frozen sausage, frozen bacon AND frozen pancakes at $55 a plate at that. You couldn't make it up. Kanye West hosted his "free" church service at Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Friday night. Brunch was $55! Therefore, Kanye got his money back for his so-called "generosity." But for THAT price, you'd expect the chef to be Gordon Ramsey who was on hand to serve up REAL freshly cooked luxurious sausages. Thick slices of succulent gourmet hickory smoked bacon. Freshly prepared scrambled eggs cooked in the richest and purest of virgin olive oils. The fluffiest, buttery, melt-in-mouth pancakes, topped with some maple syrup and an added hot drink of that buyers choice. Even if that were the case, $55 is still too heavy for the regular Joe. Many of us have to budget, and find ourselves spending this amount on grocery each week. What attendees actually got was two very dried strips of bacon, two thick planks of dried doughy pancake and a half-cooked flat sausage. Some attendees also reported receiving scrambled eggs (most likely the artificial powdered version that they serve in hospitals).

On closer inspection, I'm not seeing much bacon in that plate. What I'm seeing is the fatty part of the bacon that has been crispified to the max to look like bacon. After biting into the pancakes, Kimberly Kinchen has demanded a refund of her $55. But my perspective on this is that anyone willing to pay $55 for this type of f*ckery deserves to get scammed. No sympathy on my part. Sorry Kimberly.