Ariana Grande is clearly upset at those low soundtrack sales.

Arguably not Ariana Grande's best work 
Ariana Grande is livid that fans are comparing her ‘Charlie’s Angels’ soundtrack sales to ‘Thank U, Next.’ The latter was released a year ago and is arguably her most successful project to date. But the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ soundtrack, which she executive produced, has early estimates of 13-17k in sales plus streaming, and a pitiful 4-6k in pure sales. With such low sales, it does not look like the soundtrack will debut in the Billboard 200. Ariana is trying to distance herself from the project because it is her least successful. I bet if this album sold half a milli, she'd be gushing all over social media thanking fans for their support. In hindsight, people don't usually rush in droves to buy soundtracks anyway, so why she felt the need to comment on stats (as opposed to letting things blow over) is indication she's upset that her name alone wasn't enough to successfully carry a soundtrack.