Mariah Carey STRUGGLES to eat crisps in new Xmas advert for Walkers.

Mariah Carey is clearly not a crisps fan
Whatever Mariah wants for Christmas I think we can all agree it most certainly wasn't that crisp. She had ONE job. Walkers new Christmas commercial was released on their YouTube channel at midnight. It sees Mariah and a Christmas elf fighting over a packet of pigs in blankets-flavoured crisps. It begins with Mariah performing her hit single 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' in a wintry music video setting. She is then seen handing out presents to the crew, before tussling with the elf for the last bag of crisps. The elf tells her "it's the last bag", to which she replies: "I saw them first." She uses her iconic whistle note to make the elf drop the bag so she can snag the crisps for herself. Soooo... after winning that food fight, one would assume she would scoff those crisps down with the quickness (it would have made the ad legendary hilarious). But what does Mariah do? She BARELY bites into the crisp, taking the smallest crumb-sized bite you've ever seen in your life.

The way she is holding the crisps and nibbling, you'd think someone told her the crisp was made from Kangeroo testicles.
Mind you, I did say I couldn't imagine her eating anything in that ad, lol. Director shouts cut! You know that crumb didn't last another second in her mouth, and she was paid $9 million (some reports say $11.6 m) for refusing to actually eat one crisp. She is such a scamming queen and I love it.

Check out the commercial below.

Yesterday she released a repackaged version of her classic ‘Merry Christmas’ LP to commemorate its 25th anniversary (original songs, additional unreleased festive cuts and remixes to boot.) She also dropped some reworked visuals for 'All I Want For Christmas Is You,' which came with unreleased video footage:

And lastly...

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Mariah went punk rocker 80s chick while attending Heidi Klum's 20th annual Halloween bash in NYC alongside boyfriend Bryan Tanaka: